Public Pleasure Grounds – Venues where smoking is prohibited, not prohibited and venues with smoking areas

Central & Western

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Venue NameVenues where smoking is prohibitedVenues where smoking is not prohibitedVenues with smoking areas
Admiralty Garden Yes    
Belcher Bay Park Yes    
Belcher's Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Blake Gardens Yes    
Bonham Road Rest Garden Yes    
Brewin Path Temporary Playground Yes    
Bridges Street Market Children's Playground Yes    
Cadogan Street Temporary Garden Yes    
Caine Lane Garden Yes    
Caine Road Garden Yes    
Caine Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Catchick Street Garden Yes    
Cenotaph, the Yes    
Central and Western District Promenande - Sheung Wan Section Yes    
Central Pier Waterfront Yes    
Centre Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Chater Garden Yes    
Chater Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Chung Wo Lane Sitting-out Area Yes    
Clarence Terrace Children's Playground Yes    
Cleverly Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Cochrane Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Conduit Road Children's Playground Yes    
Conduit Road Rest Garden Yes    
Conduit Road Service Reservoir Playground Yes    
Connaught Garden Yes    
Elgin Street Children's Playground Yes    
Fat Hing Street Children's Playground Yes    
Forbes Street Temporary Playground Yes    
Fung Mat Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Gough Hill Path Children's Playground Yes    
Graham Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Guildford Road Rest Garden Yes    
Harcourt Garden Yes    
Hatton Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
High West Picnic Area (temporary) Yes    
Hill Road Garden Yes    
Hill Road Rest Garden Yes    
Hollywood Road Children's Playground Yes    
Hollywood Road Park Yes    
Hong Kong Park Yes    
Hong Kong Park Sports Centre Yes    
Hong Kong Squash Centre Yes    
Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens Yes    
Ka Wai Man Road Garden Yes    
Ka Wai Man Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Kau U Fong Children's Playground Yes    
Kennedy Road Playground Yes    
Kennedy Town Playground Yes    
Kennedy Town Service Reservoir Playground Yes    
Kennedy Town Temporary Recreation Ground Yes    
Ki Ling Lane Children's Playground Yes    
King George V Memorial Park, Hong Kong Yes    
Kotewall Road Rest Garden Yes    
Kotewall Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Kwong Hon Terrace Garden Yes    
Lambeth Walk Rest Garden Yes    
Lan Kwai Fong Sitting-out Area Yes    
Li Sing Street Playground Yes    
Lok Hing Lane Temporary Sitting-out Area Yes    
Lower Albert Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Magazine Gap Road Garden Yes    
Magazine Gap Service Reservoir Playground Yes    
Monmouth Park Yes    
Mount Austin Playground Yes    
Mount Austin Road Rest Garden Yes    
Mount Davis Playground Yes    
Mount Davis Service Reservoir Sitting-out Area Yes    
Mount Davis Sitting-out Area No. 1 Yes    
Mount Davis Sitting-out Area No. 2 Yes    
Mount Davis Sitting-out Area No. 3 Yes    
Mount Davis Temporary Sitting-out Area Yes    
Mui Fong Street Children's Playground Yes    
Mui Fong Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Oaklands Avenue Sitting-out Area Yes    
Old Peak Road Rest Garden Yes    
Peak Firing Range Picnic Area Yes    
Peak Road Garden Yes    
Peel Rise Rest Garden Yes    
Pier 3 Garden Yes    
Pier Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Plantation Road Garden Yes    
Pok Fu Lam Road Playground Yes    
Pok Fu Lam Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Pokfield Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Queen Street Rest Garden Yes    
Robinson Road/Seymour Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Robinson Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Rock Hill Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Rose Lane Children's Playground Yes    
Sai Ning Street Garden Yes    
Sai On Lane Children's Playground Yes    
Sai On Lane Rest Garden Yes    
Sai Woo Lane Playground Yes    
Sai Ying Pun Post Office Building Children's Playground Yes    
Sai Yuen Lane Sitting-out Area Yes    
Sam Ka Lane Children's Playground Yes    
Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre Yes    
Sheung Fung Lane Sitting-out Area Yes    
Sheung Wan Sports Centre Yes    
Sitting-out Area under Flyover in Bonham Road Yes    
Sitting-out Area under Flyover in Hill Road Yes    
Sitting-out Area under Flyover in Pok Fu Lam Road Yes    
Smithfield Road Children's Playground Yes    
Smithfield Sports Centre Yes    
Statue Square Gardens Yes    
Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Yes    
Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Community Garden Yes    
Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre Yes    
Sung Hing Lane Children's Playground Yes    
Tai Ping Shan Lions View Point Pavilion Yes    
Tamar Park Yes    
Third Street Playground Yes    
Third Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Upper Station Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Victoria Peak Garden Yes    
Wa On Lane Sitting-out Area Yes    
West End Park Yes    
Whitty Street Children's Playground Yes    
Wing Lee Street Rest Garden Yes    
Wing Lee Street Sitting-out Area Yes